Karajia, Luya, Amazonas, Peru

This excursion is memorable and only needs one day in Chachapoyas. It is an exciting combination of adventure and history: we will pass half the day in the interiors of the earth exploring the fascinating cave of Quiocta. Here, as you walk through the illuminated darkness being led by a professional guide, you will have the opportunity to observe interesting rock formations such as stalactites and stalagmites as well as some archaeological remains. In the afternoon, after having lunch, we will go to the ‘purunmachus’ of Karajía. These funerary structures are considered unique in the world due to their style of construction, content, and location. We will also be able to appreciate the impressive scenery surrounding them.

After these excursions we will return again to Chachapoyas. The ancient Chachapoyas have impressed us with their funerary customs and the placement of their monuments within landscapes of incomparable beauty. This will be a trip to remember for life!

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Sarcophagi of Karajia

Our day begins at 8:00 AM. We leave the city of Chachapoyas en route to the province of Luya, first going down into the Utcubamba valley, the most emblematic area of this pre-Columbian civilization. After passing the left side of the Utcubamba, high up on the mountains adjacent to it, is the village of Lamud.

In Lamud we will make a stop where we will reserve our lunches in advance before driving 30 more minutes to the cave. Lunches will be eaten on the way back when returning from the cave. The cave is located 2700 meters above sea level and has a horizontal depth of 550 meters. Inside we will have time to appreciate the rock formations formed by millions of years of speleogenesis as well as archaeological remains left by the Chachapoyas in their funerary and sacred rituals.

Afterwards we return to Lamud for our lunches. From Lamud we will drive for an hour to the village of Cruzpata and from there we will hike 2 kilometers to the sarcophagi of Karajia. (Horses and mules are also available if desired.) Once we reach Karajia our professional guide will show us around the site. We will learn about the religious beliefs of the Chachapoyas and other cultural factors which archaeologists have discovered in recent years.

We will conclude the visit by pointing out all of the different sarcophagi in the area and examining them from all possible angles. Afterwards we will drive back to Chachapoyas arriving in the city around 6:00 to 6:30 PM.

Note: The cave of Quiocta is not an apt place for people with claustrophobia.

DepartureAmazon Expedition Tour Agency, Chachapoyas, Peru
Departure TimePlease arrive at 7:45 AM for a quick embarking and departure at 8:00 AM
Return TimeReturn will be around 6:30 PM
IncludedTransport in the tour vehicle – Entrance fees – Tour guide that speaks English or Spanish – Permanent assistance – First aid kit – Snacks – Transport from the bus station to the hotel and vice versa – Lunches from the menu with options also available for vegetarians and vegans – Rubber boots and flashlights for the interior of the cave
Not IncludedTips – Drinks – Souvenirs – Horses/mules – Air tickets – Travel insurance
What should I bring? (Recommended)Bottles of water – Sunblock – Repellant – Shoes for hiking – Hat – Sunglasses – Rain jacket – Dry clothes for changing